How to Eat Your Way Across Chicago

Chicago is a haven for foodies. Chicago dogs, deep dish pizza, Italian beef–you’ve heard of all the famed Windy City dishes. Recently, Chicago’s food scene has had an explosion of influence from foods around the globe. When attempting to soak up the culture of a destination, eat what the locals eat. The food is cheaper, tastier, and the ambiance is way more relaxed. If you’re looking for the places the tourists eat, this isn’t it. Here’s how to eat your way across Chicago like a local.

Doughnut Vault

Ok, you’ll find a lot of tourists waiting in line for these tasty morning treats. Morning being the key word because if you don’t get to Doughnut Vault early enough, chances are they’ll be out before you make it to the counter. Doughnut Vault has an active social media account letting its thousands of fans know about the specials being cooked up in their store. It typically doesn’t matter, however, as the lines wrap around the building outside daily. Try the Honey Bun cake doughnut or a Pina Colada. Whatever flavor you choose to start your day, you’re in for a sweet delight.

Ipsento 606

The folks at Ipsento 606 have dedicated themselves to making the finest, sustainable coffee in Chicago. High, tin-lined ceilings give the store its signature factory look. Roasting their ethically-sourced beans gives them a leg up against its competition.

Located in the Bucktown neighborhood, Ipsento 606 produces over 1000 pounds of coffee each week. With any luck, you’ll see the baristas of Ipsento 606 behind the ModBar. Looking more like it’s ready to dispense cocktails than coffee but out of the taps comes pour-over coffee, espresso, and steamed milk.

Try the Ipsento Latte, a delicious blend of milk, honey, and coconut milk. With a recommended dash of cayenne, you’ll tell everyone about your new favorite beverage. Enjoy it with any of the delightfully author-named sandwiches like the Mark Twain or F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Kuma’s Corner

In just over ten years, Kuma’s Corner has risen to the top of the burger scene in Chicago. We know what you’re thinking, “Why would you go to Chicago for a burger?”. The answer is simply two words–Kuma’s Slayer.

The description of the Kuma’s Slayer burger is a joy in itself. A 10-ounce beef patty, covered in french fries and smothered with Monterey Jack cheese. Salivating yet?–we’re not done. Chili is layered on top of the cheesy fries along with Andouille sausage, cherry peppers, caramelized onions, and their signature ingredient–ANGER.

Not many places blaring heavy metal music while you eat warrant repeat visits. Kuma’s Corner is the rare exception to that rule. Delicious, friendly, and unequivocally unique make this one of the top foodie destinations in Chicago.

Pequod’s Pizza

Eating deep dish pizza in Chicago? Is there any easier way to stick out as a tourist in Chicago than eating at the same pan pizza place as everyone else? Pequod’s Pizza is the local’s home for pan pizza.

What makes Pequod’s Pizza better than other deep dish pan pizza locations? They’ve been caramelizing their crust for over 30 years. The first thing people say when they see the crust is that it looks burnt. Don’t let it fool you–it’s all flavor. High-quality toppings and an expansive menu of other foods make this a great food stop.

Want to experience Chicago deep dish pan pizza without the expense. Pequod’s Pizza has crazy cheap lunch specials offering your own personal pan pizza. The best way to grab a quick bite of Chicago’s most iconic food.

Chicago is on foodie bucket lists everywhere. Home to a melting pot of the world’s greatest foods infused with Chi-town attitude has people coming back again and again. Avoiding the tourist traps and chain restaurants that populate the downtown area is essential to a fantastic experience. Get out there, explore, and eat like a local for the ultimate Chicago eating experience, or order food delivery from locally based company Home Chef. Either way you won’t be disappointed by the food offerings in the Windy City.

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