Reasons We Love the Chicago Start-up Home Chef

Chicago start-up Home Chef specializes in providing a delivery-based grocery service that saves all of us kitchen connoisseurs a generous amount of shopping time without having to sacrifice the thrill of cooking. With Home Chef, you can have your ingredients brought to you readily made for inclusion in world-class recipes right away. While this might sound a lot like the service Blue Apron or the myriad of other meal kits on the market, Home Chef is one of the few turning a profit. Positive cash flow is just one indicator of the company’s growth and success.

Home Chef includes a range of home recipes that range from American Ranch Steak to Korean Pork Tacos. Food lovers who want to have a more diverse representation of different cuisines for their palettes won’t be at all disappointed with the accommodating variety that Home Chef has to offer. Better yet, Home Chef even offers a generous variety of low-carb and low-calorie meal plans as well.

With a wide array of differently designed meal plans available to all who order from Home Chef, the customizability is made even more accommodating with a wide berth allowed for adjustable cooking specifications. Not only can we order from Home Chef with just about any special combination of ingredients that we want, but we can also freely adjust the ways that we’d prefer the ingredients to be prepared as well. Here are some more reasons to love this Chicago-based meal kit delivery.

Transcending another Barrier of Brick and Mortar Grocery Shopping

One of the necessary primary evils involved in shopping at physical grocery stores is the fact that there’s very little in the way of predicting what things will and won’t be in-stock upon arrival. Even if you were to call a grocery store in advance to confirm whether or not they’ve got something in stock, there’s no telling whether it will still be there or not between the time that you call in and the time when you physically reach the store.

With Home Chef, there’s never even the slightest bit of uncertainty when it comes to what ingredients are available at which times. When you order with Home Chef, you have the assurance of all of your favorite ingredients being available in the exact capacities that you need them to be for your next cooking project.

Home Chef gives us the privilege of being able to arrange out orders down to the letter up to 5 weeks in advance, guaranteeing that everything you want is on its way to you nearly two months before it’s at your front door.

Liberty of Freely Adjustable Recipes

With instructions for putting together succulent dishes included with every single recipe delivery, Home Chef can satisfy both the veteran and newbie cooks among us equally well. The recipes made possible through Home Chef’s ingredients are easy to follow even for those who aren’t professional cooks, and yet at the same time, those who like to have a bit more of a personal flair can easily incorporate the ingredients into their recipes at their leisure with absolutely no issue at all.

The quality of ingredients offered by Home Chef is high enough for very satisfying inclusion in just about any recipes that call for them. Whether you’d like to sharpen your cooking skills or simply experience the convenience having made-to-order ingredients brought to you on a regular basis, Home Chef is a powerful resource to have in your corner.

Trying Home Chef

On those busy weeknights when you need quick meal inspiration, why not give Home Chef a try? Try this promo code for a 50% discount on your first order!

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